What is Equine Assisted Facilitation?

The benefits of work ethic, responsibility, assertiveness, communication and healthy relationships is something we all strive for and Horses naturally provide these benefits. Horses are large and powerful, this can create a natural opportunity for some to overcome fear and develop confidence. Their size alone is intimidating to some. When you accomplish a task involving a horse, in spite of those fears, provides confidence to carry over into life’s challenges outside of the ring.
Horses are social animals; they have a pecking order within the herd and would rather be with their peers if given the choice. Each one has a distinct personality and attitude. One horse may respond well to a situation or circumstance while another would not. They can be stubborn, defiant, fun loving and above all curious. They provide the perfect spring board for metaphorical learning.
I think one of the most important is what we base our Mission Statement on here at Pinnacle Farm; a horse has the innate ability to mirror exactly what human body language is telling them. I have experienced people complaining of the horse being stupid, being stubborn, not understanding them or my favorite he does not like me. The fact is if they change their demeanor the horse will respond in kind for they are all about being honest which makes them especially powerful messengers.

So how does this work?

All tasks completed with the horse can be related to what is happening at home, school, work and relationships. The focus is on identifying and then modifying behaviors, thoughts and beliefs. It is on nonverbal communication and the skills needed for improved communication with people. It is a means for problem solving and creativity, self-discovery, self-confidence and leadership or choosing right from wrong. It is the reality of choices, attitudes and consequences of everyday life.
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